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Round 2: Sign Ups / Round 1: Voting - Themes - Category - Artist's Choice

spnt20in20 is a new 20in20 challenge community for all things of a supernatural nature. Be that vampire, witches, werewolves or the hunters of such things, all supernatural themed movies and tv shows are welcome!

Round 02 starts December 10th 2012!

Ginger snaps vid

preview sort of
Ginger Snaps RPGCollapse )

Please delete if this isn't allowed. If anyone has any questions please comment here or pm localdrugdealer.

Jan. 2nd, 2006

okay so i'm new, blah blah blah..

I was just talking to a friend when curiosity arose. Is Bailey Downs an actual place? I'm not from America so I have no clue.

Oct. 23rd, 2005

Hi, I'm a new member. I was wondering if anyone knew what kind of skulls the sisters wear, and how I can get one? I'm thinking that since I live on a campus with a pretty sizable science dept., I can probably swing one.


Ginger Snaps mmmmm Fetish

oh ginger snaps lovers:

you may know that I am the maintainer of a commnity called deadinthisscene. Lately, everyone has been rejecting to post, and practically no one cares about the community anymore ):

Please join if you can post at least once a week. Thank you

+have a nice day+

Ginger Snaps RPG

Hey guys. Kate here, Just letting you all know. That I am starting a Ginger Snaps RP, it will be for those with proper grammar and spelling and as we all know, there are just so many of those people in the world. Let me know if anyone would like to help out or be cast.

You can reach me at the following,

AIM: BrokenxSoldierxx

Email/MSN: Tht_Btch_You_know@hotmail.com

Or if you really need to get in touch with me, try rain.brokensoldier@gmail.com

Thank you for your time.

Well aparently that link doesn't work ... so ...


If your interested...click above.